Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two Hours and Fourteen Dollars Later...

I absolutely love when my mom visits from the Philippines.  I don't see her much because she's so far away, but every six months or so she'll get bored and come back to the states.  When she does it's filled with late night talks catching up and days and days of SHOPPING!  I bow down to this woman.  She can out shop me - ME!  I thought I was the queen of non stop shopping!

Anyway, on one of our trips to our beloved Tai Pan Trading in Clearfield, I saw this:

I thought it was different and lovely. I began to rave about it to my mom and then I saw the price. $150?!?! Whaaaat the fuuuuuuuu...dge?! Were they serious? I can make that! Wait... I CAN MAKE THAT! So I started my Mission Totally-Possible. First stop... The DI.

The weird thing is, if I make a trip to the DI to find something specific, it's there! Closet door: $4. Awesome. The fabric, I found on EBay for $10. So after a couple of days of waiting for it to be shipped to me, I was ready to start the project.

I decided the original decor from Tai Pan was a bit dark and dreary for my art room. I wanted it to be light and airy.  So I chose a white eggshell paint that I already had and glazed it with the Van Dyke brown, then I used some poly gloss over it.  I glued the fabric onto the door panels with Mod Podge for fabric. You can buy this at any craft store or Walmart.

The fabric was pretty enough just glued on, but I wanted it to looked aged as well. So I used the same glaze on the roughly cut edges and corners of the fabric.

There's a little bit of down time when you have to wait for the paint to dry in between coats, but the time I actually spent working was about two hours.  Easy peasy lemon squeezey!  I wish I had more room on the walls to make more of these!  

So two hours and fourteen dollars later, here is the finished product!  It's a far cry from costing $150.00, but to be honest, I like mine better!

Stay tuned to see why I chose this vintage sideboard to dive head first into the world of Consignment:


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