Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Terrifying Tale of Blue Bathroom Countertops and A Neglected Master Bedroom

I'm going to tell you a true story... a horrific story... of a family of three on their first walk through of a potential house purchase discovered in the master bathroom - OCEAN BLUE countertops!!! As for the master bedroom - BLOOD RED walls!!  This extremely brave family decided to tough it out and look past the ugly and see the potential.  Almost five years later, the countertops are still there.  Doesn't this story want to make you scream and cry at the same time?

Well if you haven't guessed, this family of three is mine and I'm going to make sure this story doesn't have a tragic ending.  Although I've given you many reasons to think I bought a dump, I really didn't.  This house has great "bones", a unique layout, high ceilings and many rooms for me to redo.  To be honest, this 3500 sf home is ideal for someone like me: an indecisive interior decorating maniac who needs to pick up another paintbrush as soon as her last project is complete.  

Now take a look at my master bathroom.  I love the space and the fact that the toilet area is hidden in another room behind a door.  The shower needs to be updated, but I like that it's separate from the tub.      

I am completely *smitten* with the fact that I have a double sink counter.  I really hated crowding around one sink and attempting to avoid getting elbowed in the head by my tall husband (I'm 4'11", He's 6'3").

Here's what the countertop looks up close.  It's horrid, isn't it?  I hurry as quickly as I can while I'm getting ready so I don't develop a migraine from too much blue.  It can make you almost seasick!  The cabinets are the same color that my kitchen cabinets used to be and I don't care for the style (or lack there of) of the sinks and faucets. Oh, I wish, I wish for some fabulous new sinks for Christmas (the same ones that are on an ad that I printed out and placed strategically on my kitchen countertop).  

I'm droooooowning!

Here's the tub that I have never bathed in.  No joke.  I have never taken a bath in this tub the whole time that I've lived here.  This picture makes it look smaller for some reason.  It's actually quite large.

I've been so busy obsessing over other projects that I have neglected what is suppose to be my sanctuary: my bedroom!  Painting the walls was as far as we got to improving this room.  That was nearly five years ago!  

On a good note, I do love many things in here as well.  The double door entryway was a bonus for me and the high ceilings were a major plus in my book.  This room was also much larger than all the other master bedrooms I walked through.  Believe me, we saw a TON of houses before deciding on this one.  I made my realtor work hard for her commission!

The shelf "thingy" towards the ceiling also caught my eye.  Different.  I like different.

Here's my dresser that I bought for an awesome price at Downeast.  I don't want to paint it, but I want to change it up a bit.  Hmmmm....  what to do, what to do.

Here's my boring bedside table and my equally boring lamp.  I have to temporarily use my iPad as my alarm clock because my too pricey for what it's worth digital clock took a dump on me a few months ago.

My daughter likes to leave me little love notes.  Love her.
 I've noticed that my bedroom is a dumping ground for my dining and living room castoffs.  

This monster was also dumped into my room after purchasing an actual FLAT screen for the living room.  This giant eyesore makes me frown in dismay every time I walk in.  

I love the window.

If I was strong enough to move that tv, I would have already pushed it out of the window!

And last, but not least - I have rolling waves of carpet.  Can't wait to tear this out!

So, here's what I need to do very very soon:

1)  Paint some walls - not telling you which ones - I have to keep some suspense going here!
2)  Replace the eye illusion bathroom countertops and give the heave ho to the sinks and faucets.
3)  Tear out the safety hazard carpet and install some new flooring.
4)  Add some eye candy to my bedroom walls and extra wow factor to everything else.
5)  Dump the overweight (used to be cool) tv in another room.  Maybe a future guest room?

Yes, all of this on a limited budget.  I'll show you how.

This will take a little bit of time before I can post a reveal, so be patient with me!  I am so excited to finally fall in love my bedroom and adjoining bathroom!



  1. I can identify with your feelings, Abigail. It can be really frustrating to see too much blue in a space. Well, since it’s late now, I wish you’ve already remodeled your bathroom and painted it with a paler shade to make it more relaxing.

    Gabrielle Jeromy

  2. I have the same ugly blue countertops in the bathroom of the house we just moved into. While changing the countertop is not an option for me, changing the wall color is. The walls are also currently blue. The sink faucets are also blue. I may change the faucets at a later date but right now I am just looking for some wall color inspiration.