Friday, January 20, 2012

Almost Complete... Master Bedroom Update #2

I know, I know!  It's taking forever, it seems, but there has been MAJOR progress in my master suite (I like using that term because it makes it sound grande!).  We've installed our new flooring with which I am so *smitten* with!  We've also installed new baseboards and some new casing for around the doors.

I just finished revamping my dresser last night.  Sorry, you'll have to wait for the reveal to see the finished product.  Here's a hint though - I used Martha Stewart's Metallic Paint in Polished Silver.

The reason for the delay of the reveal is when we finished with the flooring, I noticed this:

The main wall color was ALL WRONG! So back to my Glidden paint swatch book to find my perfect color and fell in love with this:

The name of this perfect mix of greige is Chinchilla White.

Also wanted to share with you an inspiration photo that I've held in my brain for about a year now.  Last year, for my hubby's birthday, we took a trip down to Sin City and stayed at the fabulous Venetian Hotel and chose one of the Bella Suites as our room for rest and relaxation.

I won't be copying the look, but I'd like to borrow a bit of the ambience.  I need our bedroom to be a private sanctuary - a mini getaway from the rest of our home.   We aren't able to take as many vacations as we'd like, so incorporating a glam "hotel" vibe may just cure some of our cabin fever.

I have one more piece of exciting news for everyone!  My obsessed with all things organized, sister, Winnie from Family Och in the Yukon will be joining us once a month to share tips and tricks to maintaining an organized home and all the while still looking stylish and fab.  Keep your eyes peeled for this logo every month:


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