Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hot Mess

So, you know how I told you that I start a new obsession before my last one was even complete?  Well before Mr. S and I had finished our guest bathroom reno, I was also brewing up a new plan for a hideous room in our basement.  I should probably give you a little background info on this room.  It was the busiest room I had ever laid my eyes on!  No joke!  We've been here for close to four years now and hated this room so much we just stayed away from it.

Here is what the room used to look like (Yay! A before shot!):

At this point we had already ripped the bright blue carpet out.  Yes, bright blue.  It matched the blue on the walls.  The yellow had extended all the way up to the ceiling.  Busy busy busy!!

As you can see in the picture above, Mr. S and I had torn down the oddly shaped back wall and added about five feet of space!  No, the mantel did not end up on that wall.  

Anyway, back to my planning and scheming...  I have always wanted a room/office just for art.  I wanted a room where I can let my creative juices flow without the Disney channel or Nikelodeon theme song going on in the background.  With two large windows on either side, this room had just enough light for sketching my design ideas or charcoal drawings.  It was a perfect blank canvas - okay, not really blank, but that's what primer creates!  It was pretty empty too - no furniture!  Next problem: how do I fill this room up without breaking the bank?  This is where my new adventure starts: thrift shopping, swap meets, vintage shops and driving over an hour away just to pick up a couple pieces of antiques that I just had to have.  I must say - the most fun project ever!

Here's a sneak peek of my next post:

See how I turned this tired and old desk that I saved from being thrown out into something awesome and completely unique!



  1. I don't know whats worse... the colors or the pattern in that room!? can't wait to see the finished work, you have beautiful taste =)

  2. Oitai - They were both of equal value.. hahahaha