Friday, November 11, 2011

Marie Antoinette Inspired Sofa Redo

Ever since my sister helped me throw my daughter a Marie Antoinette themed birthday party last January, I have been obsessed with researching all about that era.  Minus all the beheadings, I have fallen in love with the furniture, the music,  all the romantic colors, and the details!  Oh the details... they were so carefully and with great skill added on to everything!  The French can be both over the top glamorous with their silks and golds, but they also have a simpler style with worn pastels and patina furniture.  I love them both.

When I found this semi-"fancy" (as my daughter called it) sofa on KSL, I knew it would fit perfectly with my art room.  I wanted glamorous and simple mashed up together in this piece.

There was a time in my not too distant past where I only wanted the rich dark wood furniture in my home.  I would have wanted to keep the woodwork on this sofa just like this, but not anymore!  I know this picture isn't the greatest before shot ever, but even if I had taken this picture with a high resolution camera, you still wouldn't have seen all the great carvings in the wood.  I decided with close to no thought at all, to lighten it up.

I measured the sofa and jotted down that I needed about 10 yards of fabric and hurried down to JoAnn.   I chose a simple pale pink color.  I opted for the thicker, sturdier upholstery fabric so it won't wear as quickly.  You can also use these guides to help you figure out how much fabric you'll need for an upholstery project:

Pretty useful for an amateur like me!

I decided to keep all the "guts" of the sofa because the foam was in great shape and did not smell nasty.  I still sent any trace of bacteria to hell with my trusty Lysol and Febreze!

I painted and glazed the frame.

Used my trusty staple gun for this monster of a job.

And...  Voila!!  My first... and very last sofa redo.  I may change my mind in the future, but this had brought me to tears... literally!  I put a lot of hours into this baby and those were not without frustration.  I do love how she turned out, though.  She looks very Marie-worthy, no?

And... oh how I love those details...  

Stay tuned for my next post:

What to do with two hours and a $4.00 closet door that I found at the DI...




  1. This is one of my favorite pieces you've done!

  2. Team Och - wow, you're up early for a Saturday! Yeah I love how it turned out, maybe I'll try another one in five years or so.. Lol

  3. this is so girly and elegant, totally in love with it!

  4. That turned out fantastic! Placing it on my Facebook page!

  5. Beautiful! Great job! I bet your glad you stuck with it.

  6. Thank you for the great comments! Yes, it was definitely worth going through all the sweat and tears! Haha. Ask me in a year if I want to do another one. :)

  7. Fabulous job on the reupholstery! It looks great!