Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recipe for a Successful Luau Themed Party for a Herd of Nine Year Old Girls

Earlier this month, I threw my daughter (per her request) a Luau-themed birthday party.  As I mentioned before, her birthday falls right after Christmas.  I was in between projects (aren't I always?) and was on a strict budget.  Last year's Over-the-Top Marie Antoinette Masquerade Ball party we had for our little princess was definitely a party to remember.  My goal was not to top the glam, but to make it just as fun.  Luau is to Marie Antoinette as Apples is to Oranges.  There is no comparison.

The first order of business I had to tackle besides clearing out all signs of Christmas in my house was the menu:

Hawaiian Punch 
(2 flavors for those picky little 3rd graders)
Chips and Dip
Main Course:
Pre-cooked, just throw-in-the-oven Ham

Quick and Easy! 

You can buy this cupcake holder at Target for $19.99

Coconut cups from Oriental Trading.  Pineapple Straws from Everything a Dollar (entire pack of 20 was $1.00)

I found this seashell shaped chip and dip tray from the DI for $3.00

All decor is from Oriental Trading and Everything a Dollar.  I found all party favors including the buckets from  Everything a Dollar.  I purchased grass skirts for all the guests from Dilly Dally's for $4.00 a piece.

I planned on a beads and shells bracelet/necklace craft session for the girls to kill some time, but they had so much fun with all the other activities, we didn't even get to it!  I let each girl take a handful and cut them a piece of cord to make it at home.
 It wouldn't have been a Lil Miss Smitten party without time set aside for taking pictures, so I cleared my schedule for one night to make a beach themed photo booth.  With two presentation boards duct taped together from Walmart, a little paint, imagination and a few hours you've got yourself some unique wow factor.

Smiles required section

She's getting so big!

Do you see the little surfer dude we added?

Happy Birthday to You!!

Lil Miss Smitten and her cousin

After taking pictures with each of her guests, we took group pictures.  This picture was what they had most fun with.  I wonder why... hmmm..

It's game time!

A luau wouldn't be a luau without Limbo!

Freeze dance is a no-fail at any party

Conga Line Dancing
Once I ran out of game ideas and had some time to spare until the kiddos were all picked up by their parents, I let em go crazy!  They opted for more dancing and giggling.

One indicator that all the girls had a fantastic time was hearing when their parents came to pick them up:  "Can I stay just a little bit longer?  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?"

Luau Party = Success


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