Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dreams of a Slip Covered Sofa

Happy Thursday!  How is everyone?  Since my last post, I have been busy busy busy!  I tend to overbook myself with new projects, chores and errands.  I'm still working on my Master Bedroom Project, which will soon be complete - for the time being.  I will always have a million plans tucked away in my vault aka: my brain and I just can't get to all of them at once.

One idea that I've been playing around with is making my own slipcover for our family room sofa.   I've been gravitating towards white or gray for the color.  I change my mind so much and these colors are now my go to neutrals to ground a room. 

Here are a few of my daydreams...
via Decor Pad

via Master Shops

via Alice Lane Home
I've been dreaming about this since last summer, but to be honest with you, I'm scared that I'll screw it up.  I can reupholster a chair or sofa with my trusty staple gun or put together a fabulous pillow cover, but making my own slipcover is in a league of its own.  BUT...  I have made a goal for myself this year to take more chances.  Once I gather up more courage, I'll be heading over to Jo-Ann to pick out the perfect fabric (that's hopefully on sale).

Have you ever made your own sofa slipcover?  Any thoughts?  Tips?


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