Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mish Mash Part 2: Dining Room Reveal

There was nothing wrong with our refinished dining room (At least nothing that I couldn't fix).  The family and I are just, once again evolving when it comes to how we want to feel once we step through our front door.

Sold this set on KSL for $350.  Reminder, I bought it all for $35.

Fixable, but frankly did not want to have to reupholster these chairs every time it was spilled on.

 So the hunt for a new dining set and decor began immediately.  

This dining table didn't come with the chairs, but I was fine with that since I had other plans..

I was able to bargain with the seller of these fantastic vintage school chairs - $30 for four.

Score!!!  At $10 a pop, this was a huge steal for some extra seating.

I googled these chairs and came to find that the university sure spent a lot for each of them: Almost $300 each!  Yikes!

$20 light fixture from a Salt Lake City thrift store

What in the heck am I going to do with a red roof panel?

I heart Target's new Threshhold line (and their clearance prices).
While the new finds were sitting in the garage, we were forced to eat each meal on the floor and turned over paint buckets until the new flooring was installed.  This eating arrangement got old very quickly.

 Alright, alright!  I'll stop stalling and get on with it.  Here it is folks, our new dining room...

I'm extremely pleased with the outcome.  It's a mixture of vintage, urban and a touch of industrial.

Repainted the dining table and former green school chairs Hollywood Gold by Glidden
(I'm not fancy - I call it Mustard Yellow)
Chairs with basket : Aqua Chiffon by Olympic
Topped them all off with a Polyurethane clear gloss
Wall Paint: Drifting Snow by Glidden
Trim Paint: Grey Tabby by Glidden

Corrugated roof panel: Lowes, New York art work: Ross, North street sign: Deseret Industries

I fell in love with this wooden sign when I found it at Acorn's Antique and Vintage Show.  It was the finishing touch that brought everything together.

The transformation was a HUGE and well worth the wait.

Here's a sneak peek of what we've been up to in the kitchen...

Discovery: Original green and white vinyl flooring.  Say it with me now,  "Ewww"


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