Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!...and a birthday request from Little Miss Smitten

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!  With all the hustle and bustle it's been a bit harder to keep up on posts.  Present buying, Christmas parties and my continuous list of home projects... Well, it's exhausting.  I promise that after tomorrow, I'll have my game face back on.

I did want to share with you a "small" request from my daughter.  Her 9th birthday lands on the first week of January, so on top of the Luau themed party she would like to have, she would also like a room makeover.  She's just "wayyy too old for all of the pink" in her room.  My crazy-obsessed-wanna-be-interior-decorator self instantly started planning color schemes, but my Mommy side's heart broke into a million pieces.  My little girl is growing up.  She also requested that this room transformation be completed before her party so she can wow her friends when they come over.  No pressure, Mommy.  Geez!  I assessed the project and figured I owe it to her to give her a "Big Girl" room.  I've been so busy with so many other home projects that I haven't even given a thought to hers.  Off to the drawing board I went.  After giving my daughter a few color schemes to choose from and many paint testers purchased later, we decided on................  You'll have to stay tuned!  Until then, Have a very Merry Christmas!



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