Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cheese Vignette

Greetings, all!  I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.  I'm sure it was filled with a ton of shopping and Christmas parties since Christmas is only one week away!  This month has flown, hasn't it?  I have been extremely busy with the holidays:  Office parties, family get togethers and finally completing my Christmas shopping list.  On top of that, I am working on a major project - My bedroom and master bath reno.  I am swamped, but loving it!  I so enjoy feeling like I'm accomplishing something important.

With all the craziness that surrounds me 24/7, I am still required to bring a little extra treat or appetizer to some party or another.  This task is not a favorite of mine, but I love wowing guests with a simple appetizer or dessert with a touch of Abigail.  

For our Christmas office party this year, I was asked to bring an appetizer.  A co-worker of mine confessed to me that she just did not have any time before the party to whip up a goodie, so I offered her a solution.  I asked her to bring some crackers and I will take care of the rest.  I decided to serve up some gourmet cheese to go along with those crackers.

I took a trip to our local Harmons to pick up some delectable cheeses.  Harmons is my favorite grocery store for specialty cheese and bread.  They have so many to choose from!

Here's what I ended up purchasing:

Big John's Cajun by Beehive Cheese (one of my insurance clients and the nicest fellas you'll ever meet!)  Check em out at
Mushroom Brie
White Stilton with Blueberries
Glue Stick

This was the easiest shopping trip I ever made for an appetizer creation!

I used the same cheeseboard I have hanging up on my kitchen cabinets to hold the cheese and grapes.  I cut small triangles from a brown paper bag and wrote down the names so people know what they're about to eat.  I then glued a toothpick to the back of each triangle and pierced each cheese.  You now have cute little name flags!  

This is such an easy way to add a little bit of class and spark of interest to plain 'ol cheese and crackers. 

What are your favorite gourmet cheeses?


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