Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIY Headboard Tutorial

I know..  I feel terrible!  I've neglected all of you for a few weeks now and I promise I have a real honest-to-god excuse.  I just acquired a position at a new insurance firm in Salt Lake City.  That means, my commute everyday is much longer and more exhausting.  I come home from work and crash out after dinner.  I've only been able to work on a couple of projects here and there if I can keep my eyes open.  My body is slowly adjusting to getting up at the butt crack of dawn... so I promise.. soon I will be back in full force!

About a month ago, I took a gander into the cutest little home decor shop in Historic 25th Street in Ogden, UT and had my breath taken away with all the gorgeous furniture and accessories.  Once I spotted these babies, I made a beeline for them.  I needed a headboard for my guest bedroom and pronto!

My breath was taken away again... by the high price.  Yikes!  No can do.

So, the DIY gears in my head started turning...  and I made my own headboard for a total of $25!  You wanna try it out for yourself?  Here's what you'll need:

Mattress Foam Pad from Wal-Mart 
Plywood or particle board cut to size
2 - 3 yard fabric (I bought mine from the clearance section at Joanne's)
Staple gun
Plenty of staples
20 - 30 minutes (Seriously)

Love the fabric!  It's faux leather.
 Step 1: Staple on Foam Pad


 Step 2 (optional) : Staple on Batting.  I decided not to because I wanted some of this funky foam design peeking through.

Step 3: Staple (make sure it's taut) on fabric

My camera's not doing a very good job tonight.  You can hardly see the details, but it's looking pretty awesome!
 Step 4: Hang it up!!

Okay, I couldn't take a picture further back because then I'd be giving away too much of my Guest Bedroom Reveal.  I'm just putting the finishing touches to the room and I'll show you everything sooner than later, I hope!

I may be adding a bit to this headboard sometime in the future.

Good night, all!  I gotta get some shut eye if I want to beat that morning traffic!




  1. Abigail your projects rock! Keep them coming!

  2. This is amazing! I have a king size bed and want a headboard so badly but I'm not going to pay as much as they want for one. I am totally going to do this! How did you hang it on the wall? Thanks for all the inspiration and tips! I love checking out your blog!!!

  3. Hi kelsea, it depends on what kind of bed frame you have. The one above is a cheapo metal fame so I was able to have it rest on the end of the frame while I pushed it up against the wall. Easy peasy! Now if you want it to hang on the wall, make sure you drill some heavy duty anchors into the wall first before hanging it up. I hope that helps! Now don't forget to et me know how yours turns out! :)