Sunday, April 15, 2012

Come and Stay Awhile... Guest Bedroom Reveal

Did everyone have a fantastic weekend?  Mine was extremely productive - So happy to have some energy back!  Those commutes to and from Salt Lake City have been whooping my arse for the last few weeks and the result was = no result... for anything!  

During my last reveal, my Living Room, I mentioned that I began yet another makeover project: the destination o' junk, future guest bedroom.  I felt bad that I often sent my guests to the sofa or to the den where a blow up mattress would deflate over night (sorry, Alex and Joyce!).  


Due to budget restrictions, this took a little over a month and a half to complete.  Being the impatient person I am, this delay was utter torture for me!  Bad host, no more!  I present to you....

Our Guest Bedroom

I was giddy with joy this morning when everything fell into place.

What did we change, you ask?

Painted the room three different colors: 

Top Half: Treasured Moment by Glidden
Middle Strip and Trim: White
Bottom Half: Bali Hai by Glidden
To see where I got my inspiration see my Color Palette Inspiration post.

Installed new flooring

Threw away the "booby" light fixture and installed a new, more classic one.

Made my own headboard

Added some guest friendly furniture and fixtures

and of course... eye candy.

There's also an open bar in the kitchen, if sparkling water doesn't cut it for you.
 Now this room is fairly small.  It's 9' x 10', so purchasing a separate vanity was a no-go.  But where were my guests suppose to get ready?  I don't feel like having to share my own vanity in my Master Suite, no matter how wonderful my friends are.  Yeah, I'm kinda selfish like that.

No hurdle is too large, I say!  Let's just make one and still have room!

The most inexpensive built-in ever made!  Bookshelves, which I painted white : $20 ea from Walmart, 1' x 4' piece of wood and mounting pieces: $10 from Lowes = $50!!!  What?!  That's so cheap, it's obscene!
Stool: $5 from IKEA, Mirror: $35 from Ross

Just enough space for makeup and jewelry storage.
 Just a little bouquet I threw together from my tulip explosion is the front yard.

I am *smitten* with this journal!  My out-of-town visitor, if he/she chooses can write about his/her Utah experience and also use it as a mini scrapbook.

Lovin this fab $3 vase from Marshalls.

Aren't the pugs cute?
 Ever since my Living Room makeover, I've been eyeing the oodles of chinoiserie decor everywhere!  Maybe it's a phase of mine, maybe not.  Either way, I think they're fantastic!

Did you know the "Foo-Dog" is actually a "Foo-Lion"?  I like to research all that I'm obsessed with.

Touch of vintage and Asian-flair.
Just a little sumpin sumpin contemporary that I whipped up.
In Utah, you can have both city and excellent mountain scapes at the same time.

I made sure to include all of Mr. Smitten and my fave books.

My Maple tree and a few snips later.... instant jumbo vase filler and money saved!

My very first upholstery job.  Not perfect, but damn proud of it!
$35 elephant garden stool from Ross

...and one of my favorite decor magazines has made its home on top of it.
 Do you remember my mentioning that I HAD TO incorporate laser cut metal into this room, I just didn't know how?  It's kismet, I tell you!!  On my first trip to Homegoods after I had posted just that... I find this magnificent piece of art..

I find myself humming "Isn't she lovely.." every time I'm around her.

My favorite lamp to date.
A note to friends and family extremely missed by moi, this is for you.  

Come... and stay awhile....


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  1. This room is BEAUTIFUL!!! I cannot wait to visit you and stay a while!!! My favorite is the lamp too!!! :)

    1. Ace - Thank you so much! Hurry up and visit me! I miss you!

  2. Replies
    1. Lisa and Joey - I looooooooooove that lamp! I'm also loving that it was half the price at HomeGoods!

  3. Love it! Great job! I especially love all the book shelf items!

    @ Creatively Living

    1. Thanks, Katie! I always have so much fun dressing up bookshelves!

  4. I love how you mixed the teal with the white and how you painted the room! It looks fabulous:) The ottoman at the foot of the bed is perfect. Your book shelf display is great with all of your little decorative touches!!!

    1. Thank you! This room was so much fun to put together. I looooove that ottoman bench... Very inexpensive find at Ross. :)

  5. Gorgeous. Can you please come and redecorate my guest room?? :)

    1. Thank you! That is so flattering that you like it! Oh I wish this was my day job! Lol

  6. Amazing, adorable, beautiful, and serene! I would love for you to share this (and any other creations) at "Pin It and Win It Wednesday" @!

    1. I'm so sorry! I didn't see your post until today! I will for sure next week. :)

  7. Αbigail stunning transformation once again! Girl you're a master!

    1. Thanks again to my sweet friend, Olga. :).

  8. Okay- so which weekends are open for a visit????? Extraordinary eye for detail and color selection. Love aqua and orange and all the little details just make it look stunning.

    1. Yes, isn't the tangerine just right to go with the blue? I love it! Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

  9. I want to come and be a guest at your place! This room is so gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you, Tamsyn! We'll be available for reservations when my entire house is finished! Lol

  10. Just found you via freebies for crafters, what an AMAZING transformation, you must be so proud! From Suzy your new follower x

    1. Thank you, Suzy for following! I also apologize for taking sooo long to reply. I took a break from blogging for a few months, but I'm back now! I hope you enjoy my past and future projects!!