Monday, February 13, 2012

Jello Molds = A Work of Art

Happy Monday, everyone!!  I hope everyone had a fantastic start to the week.  Today is my birthday and I've decided to spend it working on a brand stinkin new project!  Yes, I have moved onto yet another makeover - BUT, before I let you in on it, let me share with you something that I just wrapped up today.

I am constantly searching the internet for some great deals or DIY projects and I came across these Gold Seed Wall Art pieces through Joss & Main.  I thought to myself:  That's a pretty good deal.  $49 for 10.  As I always do, I scrolled down to study the specs and found they were only 2"x2"x2" for each seed.  Uhhh, that's tiny and a huge ripoff for those like me, on a budget.  I scrapped the idea of purchasing them and decided that I loved them enough to make a DIY project out of the unfortunate situation.

Soooooooo pretty!  Soooooooo expensive!

So where can I buy something that's similar in shape, bigger and extremely cheap?  Duhhh, the DI, of course!  I found 15 Jell-O molds for $1.00, ran to Walmart for some paint canvases (I didn't want to have 15 holes in my wall for each mold) and set them up on my counter top to make sure I marked exactly where I wanted them to be placed.

I painted the canvases

Buy the brush and paint at Home Depot.
 Chose metallic silver for these flat canvases.

Applied same metallic brown glaze on top of the silver.

I just rubbed on the glaze with a paper towel.

I wasn't too excited about spray painting the inside of the molds gold, so I opted for yellow instead.  
1 coat spray primer, 2 coats glossy yellow, 2 coats flat white
I used my glue gun to make sure these molds stay put on the canvases.

I need a manicure...bad!
 And here's the finished product.  All the supplies and molds cost me about $19.00.  Not bad, eh?

I placed them all in my Master Suite.  Fun abstract art to lighten up the mood.

In a couple weeks, I'll show you how I transformed this boring, cramped family room into something fabulous and grande!  I'm so excited!  This area is currently under construction as we speak, but I can't even show you that or I'll give too much away!  So... stay tuned!!!


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