Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where Did They All Go? Entertainment Organization Solution

I know, I know...  I haven't posted anything in over a week now.  It's been a little crazy around the Smitten household and I have finally found some down time to share a couple tips with you.  As you all know, coming up with an organizational master plan is not my area of expertise.  That's where my sister, Winnie from Fam Och in the Yukon steps in.  I am the one to find a gorgeous piece of furniture that I MUST buy and she is the one to ask "So... what's it for?"  "Isn't it pretty?" just won't cut it.  It must be functional to be top notch.  

In this instance, I found a small mirrored dresser for my Living Room and wasn't sure how I was going to fit all of my dvds into one dresser drawer since Mr. Smitten's gaming systems and video games already occupied two of them.  I was stumped and needed help.

Naturally, I called the organization guru and asked for a solution...

You've got to check out her ideas and tips on how to keep all that clutter organized and out of sight!  They work for any decor whether you are traditional, eclectic or modern.  Her post also shares pictures of the outcome of my dvd system.  

Also, stay tuned!  I have been asked to be a guest blogger over at the fabulous Olga's blog, Stardust - Decor & Style on some of my transformations.  I heart her blog!


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